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Smelly teenage bedrooms

Most of us know the odour, smelly socks etc and F***ts. I thought I need something more punchy than an airwick and I am not keen on chemicals . So I thought I know! I have a couple of Lampe Berger air purifiers

I recalled reading that they clean the air from bacteria, so I thought I would share this useful information with all the despairing moms and dads out there.

Lampe Berger History in Brief

When pharmacist Maurice Berger patented his invention in June 1898 in Paris, he intended it to be used for hygiene. Early users of LB were mortuaries and hospitals, places where it was essential to kill germs, get rid of unpleasant odors, and sanitize the air.

Jean-Jacques Failot purchased Maurice Berger’s company in 1927 and changed Berger’s unpleasant-smelling original formula to ethyl alcohol. When undergoing combustion, ethyl alcohol gives off the scent of apples. The public enjoyed the new, pleasant scent, and the business expanded to the consumer market.

The 1920s were the era of the Art Deco movement, and Failot was able to work with the period’s great lamp designers: Baccarat, Galle, Lalique, Sabino, St. Louis, and Theraud. By the 1930s, this beautiful and useful product was desired by consumers in other countries. There was a problem with exports, though, since ethyl alcohol was considered a perfume ingredient in many countries and was taxed as a luxury good.

In 1973, industrialist Marcel Auvrey purchased the LB company. His son Phillipe took over in 1989 and was finally able to branch out to New York. In 1998, LB returned to the tradition of using high-end design materials such as enamel, pewter, and opaline in its signature line, once again using famous designers to give its functional products a decorative touch.

Not only does it repel mosquitoes and other insects in the home, but a lamp filled with Summer Night can also be taken outdoors to repel insects from the patio, deck, grill area, outdoor kitchen, or wherever you’d like to be free from insects bothering you. 

Thank god for these wonderful little lamps!

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Hostess A Tropic Skincare Evening

Beautiful skincare

Have a get together in the comfort of your home. Host a Tropic skincare pamper evening and receive a host gift.

Brilliant skin bundles which save money
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Small wedding gifts on a budget

There are times when we don’t have a great deal to spend on wedding gifts. As a retailer in these times of austerity we are mindful of this fact. So we also source the tasteful and affordable. Good gifts don’t have to cost the earth. We hope to give you a few ideas for stand alone gifts or combined gifts.

affordable wedding gifts.
We will explore possible gift options for that all important wedding when the purse strings are tight.

Albums and picture frames are useul post wedding and a pain to buy for the couple when their photos arrive. It would be nice for the newly weds to show off their photos in a frame selected by a close friend or family member. We have a selection of gift bags, frames and albums for weddings.

small affordable wedding gifts under £10
This lovely frame is only

This is a weighty little frame, nicely put together and we sellthis for £5.00. The beautiful gift bag is £3.00. So there you have a lovely small gift for eight pounds.

You can add this sweet little wedding album for £4.00

This is a sweet little album for her to carry in her handbag to show off a selection of her wedding photos . It could also be used by the couple to give to an absent friend or family member on the big day. Photographs are so precious and what better gift could there be to a helpful assistant organiser or a brides maid.

Another wedding frame at a very affordable price, clean and modern at £5.00

Prints and homewares are also an alternative to the gifts we have already mentioned. We have a selection of prints designed in the UK at all price points.

A very sweet handmade print By Penny lindop
Another adorable print by Penny Lindop

A gift doesn’t have to be excessively large or expensive. It just needs to demonstrate you have put some love and thought into your gift buying whatever you select.

wedding gift, home fragrance
Home fragrance is very popular . I love this company based inYork
wedding gifts
Heart and home produce some lovely candles , beautifully packaged.
pop up wedding cards
The Art File produce some lovely 3D pop up cards

The unusual can have more impact than gifts you buy from the high street. Take a look around our gift shop. You might be pleasantly surprised.