Cordelia’s House of Treasures

We are a an ecommerce business based in rural Shropshire. Our ethos is buy British, local and support your independent retailer.

Our aim is to provide a collection of high quality goods which are out of the ordinary compared to the high street.

The high street has been hit hard there is no doubt but there is a surgence of new business appearing.

At Cordelia’s House of Treasures we are trying to create a high street experience on line with the type of goods we sell.

When I source my products in my minds eye I am wandering through a quaint little shop. There are lots of nooks and crannies for me to explore and a new , interesting item to discover.

I grew up with a bustling high street, markets etc. Supermarkets were a rarity. In that process of progression so much was lost.

It is my biggest ambition in the long term to offer young and older people with disabilities to join our business.

Owning an online business is not just about putting pictures and descriptions on line. It incorporates principles of business, market trends, social influences, media marketing and seo.

There is also a creative and artistic aspect to this field. I hope we can nuture and help to develop young people with difficulties and give them a feeling of self worth.

Our gift subscription box offers the opportunity for customers to sample our brand and experience the high quality that we offer at an affordable price.

We cordially invite you to visit our shop and hope you enjoy the experience.

Cordelia and Richard.