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Review of Tropic body scrub

The divine body scrub taken from little

Review: The Scrub Treatment with Tropic Body Smooth Refreshing Polish

June 28, 2018 33 Comments

Tropic Skincare is fast becoming a much-loved brand for me. They’re one of my favourite brand discoveries of 2018 thus far and everything I’ve tried, I’ve love. Spoiler, this blog post featuring their Body Smooth Refreshing Polish is no exception. With the imminent arrival of (hopefully) warmer climes and dare I say it, the sun, we turn to our lighter and more summery wardrobe options. The cooler months combined with covering ourselves up can be detrimental to our skin as we might be prone to slacking in the personal care department. I’m most definitely guilty of this and I often find myself repeatedly saying that tomorrow will do.

After demonstrating that I excel in procrastination its time to break the lazy girl habit and really look after my skin. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of freshly exfoliated skin, lathered in moisturiser to rival that of a babies, oh so soft skin! With the added incentive of summer and a holiday coming there’s never been a better time to motivate me! I’m just gonna be real with you here, I don’t know about you but if I don’t look after my skin, especially on my thighs they end up looking like they’re made of playdough with a million finger prints poked in. I paint a pretty picture don’t I. So yeah, that’s not ideal really so it’s time to sort myself out.

My first point of attack is to vigorously Body brush before each bath or shower, that way it really helps to lift and brush away any dead skin cells before I go in with my exfoliator. My scrub of choice at the moment is the Tropic Skincare Body Smooth Refreshing Polish* and what a delight it is. What I love most and makes it unique is that you apply the polish directly onto DRY skin. Yep, that’s right, completely dry skin. Initially I wasn’t sure how I felt about this with it being a new technique but I went with it.

The polish itself is enriched in vitamin e, invigorating essential oils, mineral rich sea salts and pure, exotic plant extracts. I feel that it is because of these oils and ingredients that it feels gentle on the skin while leaving it feeling nourished and hydrated. At first I expected it to feel more abrasive given the deficit of water, but I was pleasantly surprised, and if I’m completely honest it felt more gentle than some of my usual scrubs I use on wet skin!

I tend to use this before a bath or shower by gently massaging it into dry skin, paying more attention to rough and problem areas. As I rinse away all of the exfoliating salts within the body polish I then massage the remaining oils into my skin to leave it nourished any hydrated. My skin hasn’t looked and felt so good in a long time, I’m not sure whether it’s using it dry that makes the difference or whether its down to all of the essential oils. Whatever it is I absolutely love it and I can say with absolute certainty that I will be repurchasing once I reach the bottom of the jar.

If you’re in the market for a new exfoliator I honestly cannot recommend this one enough. Not only that it is also cruelty free and vegan so it is suited to everyone, not to mention it smells divine! Another huge thumbs up from me is that is comes with a little wooden spatula to scoop out the product! I hate getting exfoliator stuck under my fingernails and usually I can’t avoid it, this little spatula makes me soooo happy!


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