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The Joy of keeping Chickens.

I am still a novice to keeping chickens but I had no idea how rewarding it can be. My impulsion to get chickens was after watching a programme about the barbaric treatment of farm animals. The country was Australia but I imagine some of our farming methods are not too dissimilar.

Chickens are comical and have their own personalities.

I wanted to do my part and save two chickens from the prospect of being caged and forced to lay. Confined in tiny spaces , no room to move, feel the sun on their feathers or scratch at the earth .

My chickens make me smile.

I bought two young hens at the point of lay. A Colombian Black Tail and a Red Star from a local breeder. He advised me about the temperament of the hens and which were easier for beginners.

They take care of each other.

It would not be a good idea to have a solitary chicken as they are sociable animals. Mine are like two sisters. They follow each other everywhere. At night when I lift the coop roof they are hundled together snug and warm.

Chickens make happy sounds

It’s strange you get to know the sound your chicken makes. If I am digging and turning soil they run over to eat the worms. They make sweet , excited little trumpet noises . They sound content and happy.

Your chicken picks up your vibes.

I handle my chickens regularly. They are friendly birds and quite often fall asleep whilst you cuddle them. I was delighted that one of the hens began laying in the first week of being with us.

There is nothing like your own free range eggs

It is true that eggs taste delicious from your own free range hens. My red star lays ginormous eggs with double yolks. These are so nice at breakfast.

I would recommend keeping hens

I am still learning about my hens but it appears I am doing something right. In this stressful and busy environment we live in having animals and growing food reconnects us with nature . I think an element of self sufficiency is good for us,the environment , our community and local wildlife.


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