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Candles during the Festive Season

There is nothing like the glow of Candles over the festive period. We have begun stocking up on our favourite brands which offer value for money and manufactured in the UK.

Pin tail candles warm mince pie

Over the years candle makers have become more creative in their range of fragrances.  I particularly like the smell of warm mince pies. A delicate fragrance where you can almost taste the buttery pastry and feel the warm spice from the mince filling. A homely and warm smell to invite your visitors.  Just make sure you have the minced pies in!!!

Pintail cinnamon and orange

Cinnamon and orange must be almost number one smell at Christmas. It’s an energizing , bright and warm smell associated with the festive season. I especially like the contemporary label and the novel paint pot tin in this range. Easy to transport with you when visiting family or staying in a hotel. Safely extinguishing the flame. No glass to break and no mess from melting wax.

Wax melts eliminate soot and flame

As much as a candle flame can be mesmerising and relaxing some brands can emit soot. Which you really dont want when you have white walls. Melts give a steady scent which can fill your home.

The reed diffuser

I have this particular diffuser in my hallway. It gives off beautiful fragrance and is warm and inviting when you get home.

Best kept Secrets

We stock best kept secret candles in addition to other brands. The sprinkles and glitter on the candle surfaces add an extra touch.

Gin queen candle with matching gin glass.

Gin and prosecco gifts are popular right now .

Ambience created by candlelight

Whatever your preference we have something for everyone. Enjoy your home as you like it with a fragrance to suit the occasion and mood


Hi, I am an owner of a ecommerce business which sells British designed gifts. My passion is offering high quality goods at an affordable price and to provide the consumer with a unique shopping experience.

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