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I am genuinely so impressed!

I have just tried Tropic skincare and cannot believe how pleasant it is to use. In my time I have used all the big cosmetic names, French and English on the prestige end of the market. People comment that I don’t look my age but from I young age I have cared for my skin. Doing my best to protect my skin from the elements.

Tropic Skincare

I have not always had a big budget to spend on skincare either especially as a student.

Beautiful natural ingredients

We have heard all of the big cosmetic claims and been taken in by the glamorous adverts. Essentially buying a dream not a reality. As the times have moved forward we are moving back to natural and organic.

Made with fresh ingredients in the UK

To be honest , over more recent years I haven’t bought into the organic , natural thing. As a clinician I do know that what we apply to our skin is absorbed into our blood stream. It therefore makes sense to take care in what we use topically and ingest.

Cosmetics with a conscience

I was feeling tired this evening and thought “I know I will try the Tropic Skincare for myself”. First off the cleanser. Well it dispenses in a light whipped consistency from the pump container. Not heavy, runny or thick. When applied to your face it melts like butter and absorbs into the skin, much like a balm. Makeup drifts off the skin. When you cup your warm hands over your nose you can take in the beautiful, natural fragrance. I detect eucalyptus but I could be incorrect there. It washes off beautifully. My skin felt squeaky clean and fresh. Not taught or dry at all.

Cool and refreshing

Next up was the elixir serum and my word doesn’t a little go a long way. It smells nutty to me with the equisite smell of almonds. Easily glides on your skin and left my face with a glow.

Rightly or wrongly I then applied the skin dream. A beautiful light textured cream which has a refined consistency and feel like the high end skincare brands.

The best thing of all to me was that I was applying all good ingredients to my skin. No chemical substances which could be carcinogenic. Animals haven’t suffered in it’s manufacturing and neither has the environment.

The time has now come for us all to take a greater interest in what we buy and use. We can’t continue to ignore that the use of harsh chemicals and manufacturing processes we cost us all dearly in more ways than one.

I celebrate what this company has achieved and am so proud that it is British!


Hi, I am an owner of a ecommerce business which sells British designed gifts. My passion is offering high quality goods at an affordable price and to provide the consumer with a unique shopping experience.

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