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High street supermarkets which offer great interior ideas at an affordable price.

I was looking around for new bedlinen and instead of looking at MS , Next and the department stores I thought I would try our supermarkets . I was pleasantly surprised.

Offerings from George, Asda.

Grey and yellow is very popular right now. It’s fresh, uplifting and Scandinavian in style. Grey and white is very versatile to add any colour to. This ultimately saves you money and you have the choice to change the theme of your home without too much hassle

Contemporary grey with a ray of sunshine

The geometrics are cool

Geometric style

Although this picture is from last year the geometric style is still present on the high street.

Stylish grey white and geometrics for a modern style

This is a great alternative for either the man who hates floral design or the woman who doesn’t like fussy.

Bright and cheerful

Like a ray of sunshine in your room yellow, grey and white. Completely fresh and makes you smile. A look you could reintroduce every summer

Dunelm bedset from £16.00

There are a plethora of geometric accessories you can introduce into your scheme

You are only limited by your imagination
A look which is versatile for the office , bedroom or lounge

There is nothing flowery or flouncy about this look but it can be comfortable and minimal.

Obviously you have to be careful you don’t overdo it with the patterns

I think if I were going geometric at home I would either use the accessories or textiles patterned designs. Otherwise you could easily be overpowered. A mood board is probably a good idea.

Geometric without the noise

I personally love the owelry print design brand.

Can’t wait to introduce this brand into my home.
Clever and modern designs by Owelry Print

We are so fortunate in the uk to have such talented artists.

Great ways of changing the look of your home

The high street makes it easy to redesign your home without paying out a fortune.

Bee happy


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