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Cuddly Toys

Virtually everyone must have had a cuddly toy in their lifetime? They give a feeling of comfort and companionship. In childhood a feeling of safety and security.

When I was a child I loved bag puss and imagined an ideal toy shop to look that way. The big chain shops have no soul and you don’t get the satisfaction of looking in the nooks and crannies of an independent shop.

Cuddly toys now come in all varieties. We have bats, dinosaurs, tarantulas and dragons. No longer are we confined to a basic teddy bear.

The benefits of soft toys

Young children often use soft toys to project their own feelings – and then comfort them, encouraging valued qualities such as empathy, affection and bonding. Soft toysalso encourage creative play through role playing.7 Jun 2017

Children learn about their world through play. This development can be enhanced by the toys parents provide for their children. Small children like things that are soft and cuddly and parents have provided soft toys as obvious play choices throughout time. There may be benefits of soft toys that parents have never considered.

The most obvious benefit is that no matter what shape, color or size, soft toys are usually cuddly and appealing to young children. They can hold them close and cuddle them. This warmth offers the comfort and security often needed when children are tired or placed in a situation of needing to cope with change. Soft toys become close friends, providing love and stability.

Soft toys also offer young children a chance to explore possibilities in a safe way. They can tug at them, chew them and even throw them around, all without any immediate harm to either child or toy. It is this flexibility and durability that is so appealing to the child. Whilst exploring the possibilities of how they can use their own bodies, children learn a lot about the changing nature of things around them through ownership of a soft toy.

Origins of the Rag doll

Traditionally home-made from (and stuffed with) spare scraps of material, they are one of the oldest children’s toys in existence. The British Museum has a rag doll, found in a child’s grave dating from the 1st-5th century AD. Historically, rag dolls have been used as comfort objects, and to teach young children nurturing skills. They were often used to teach children how to sew, as the children could practice sewing clothes for the doll and make some simple dolls themselves. In America, from the colonial era up to the early 20th century, children of various statuses would play with dolls made from rags or cornhusks. Mass production of rag dolls began around 1830, when fabric color printing was first developed.

Above is the Annabelle doll pictured here in the Warren’s museum.

You might not want to buy this demon doll , but it really depends on how naughty the child is ! Whooooooo

Our shop has a good selection of cuddly toys designed by British Companies Suki and Wilberry toys.

Wilberry toys are just lovely. They have some lovely ideas regarding clothing and textures. Rest assured they are safe too.

Suki toys ready for xmas.

Young or old, big or small we all love our soft toys.

Look around our shop and see if you can home one of our soft toy friends.


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