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Yorkshire Brands that I Love

One of my favourite regions in this country is Yorkshire. The moors, the Bronte sisters and Dracula. Such a beautiful county full of architecture, history and amazing brands. Allow me to take you on a journey of discovery of what Yorkshire has to offer in the retail world.

The Yorkshire Soap Company.

I fell in love with this shop as soon as I walked in. It’s antiquated feel with a touch of splendor. On first clance you may mistake it for a tea shop then your realise it’s a boutique of wonderful, natural soaps and skin care. My first purchase was a cherry bakewell slice of cake presented in a beautiful candy pink striped cake box. What a novel idea!!

What a lovely gift these pink mice would be at Christmas.

See what I mean by the beautiful box Presentation?

The cosy cottage soap.

I love natural skin care which is kind to animals and the environment.

Cosy Cottage Soap’s story begins in the kitchen laboratory of a 350-year-old cottage in Ganthorpe, Yorkshire. Yes, the Cosy Cottage is real!

Founder, Clara, became increasingly aware of the potentially harmful effects of additives found in many commercially produced skincare products whilst recovering from illness in 2015.

Using her knowledge as a qualified chemist and an Associate of the Royal College of Science, Clara began by producing soaps free from SLS, paraben, SLES and palm oils from home. It’s these roots that continue to shape Cosy Cottage Soap ethos.

The company established a closer relationship with Biovale, an organisation promoting the BioEconomy in Yorkshire and the Humber.

As the company has expanded, so has the team. Clara’s husband, Philip, joined in 2018 to run the production and operations. We are proud to employ a brilliant team of part-time manufacturing, marketing and sales staff.


A Yorkshire brand which provide lovely skin and gift products with a luxurious spa feel. In my opinion better value than Molton Brown. Sorry, had to say it. You find H2K in prestigious hotels and spas. A British brand to be truly proud of.

Little Yorkshire candle company.

This is a beautifully presented candle range and below is a delightful story from its founder.


Hello, I’m Alex, and I’m the founder of The Little Yorkshire Candle Company.
I’m a Yorkshire native and I’ve always adored scent. When I was a little girl I used to make my own ‘perfume’: phlox, lavender, daisies, asters, forget-me-nots, snapdragons, whatever I could lay my hands on. I’d shred the petals, mix with water and pour my precious potion into eau-de-toilette bottles scavenged from my mother’s dressing table. Even now, the faintest hint of rose takes me back in time to my childhood garden: dirty knees, mucky clothes, stained fingertips and all. I think that’s why I love scent so much – the power it has to unlock our memories, to transport us to another place. Fast-forward a few years and I launched a career in retail. At Harrods, I got such a thrill from working with high-end brands and fine goods and my personal aesthetic become more defined. I couldn’t ignore the ache, though – I missed Yorkshire, the landscapes, the people and their straight-talking honesty. We moved back to North Yorkshire, where our small village studio is now based.

Making candles began in earnest for me with motherhood. I’d always been crafty but I started to pour my own candles after struggling to find a brand that wasn’t heavily scented with the synthetic fragrances which irritated my son’s asthma. I was committed to creating a natural product, and I’m proud to say that each of our Little Yorkshire Candle Company candles are made from 100% natural ingredients: coconut, soy and beeswax, with the scents deriving from essential oils and plant extracts. Not much has changed in the thirty five years since I first made ‘perfume’ in my back garden – my love of Yorkshire and my love of fragrances – my favourite is mimosa – is still at the root of everything I do. Oh, and I still have the stained fingertips, although I do use an apron in the workshop – most of the time!

Alex x

As a retailer this company is an amazing find.

Another company is the Harrogate Candle Company

Deborah Wilson and Fiona Carr first established The Harrogate Candle Company in 2012. Their purpose was clear: to create a luxury candle using only high-quality, natural essential oils that would positively enhance mood and stimulate different emotions (all while being competitively priced). Their research and development led them to create five signature fragrances for their flagship Mood Candle range; Happy, Inspire, Lovely, Divine, and Dream. Plus, a seasonal sixth; Orange and Cinnamon.

It is worth exploring what the UK has to offer . You may be pleasantly surprised.

Happy shopping.


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