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Independant shopping in Whitchurch Shropshire

Shropshire is a small market town in semi-rural England. 
The High Street Whitchurch, Shropshire.

The History of whitchurch.

Whitchurch is a market town in northernShropshire, England. It lies 2 miles (3 km) east of the Welshborder, 20 miles (30 km) north of the county town of Shrewsbury, 20 miles (30 km) south of Chester, and 15 miles (24 km) east of Wrexham. At the 2011 Census, the population of the town was 9,781.[1]Whitchurch is the oldest continuously inhabited town in Shropshire.[2]

Originally a settlement founded by the Romans about AD 52–70 called Mediolanum (lit. “Midfield” or “Middle of the Plain”), it stood on a major Roman roadbetween Chester and Wroxeter. It

Lovely white and black timber buildings.

Shops I love in whitchurch

Lorna’s House

Lorna’s House has three sister shops in Whitchurch. One for gifts and home accessories, one for children’s clothing and the other for women’s fashion accessories. Each is a treasure trove in their own right and the shop windows are a delight to look at. They truly transform the high street.

Lorna’s Gift Shop

Lorna’s House has different floors and is a treasure chest to explore. Women’s accessories, clothes and home interiors. This is the importance of having independent retailers on your high street. They make a difference to the aesthetics of the high street and the community you live in. They give an overall impression of the town that we live in.

V and H kids Clothing Whitchurch

Benjamin’s is a great Deli and place to eat

I am never disappointed by the service at Benjamin’s

Benjamin’s is a little jewel on the high street for lunch and has a great Deli. Packed with delicious food and drink items some of which are sourced locally. You always receive a warm welcome and nothing is too much trouble .

Florist white wysteria

White Wysteria, Floris

Shops like this, with a tasteful frontage really do justice to a small market town high street and Shropshire Council really should be promoting this sort of town regeneration.

White wysteria

Ralph and Rupert

Clothing and accessories shop for women

Their shop window always looks so stylish and inviting . They have a range of Italian clothing and accessories at affordable prices.

Independent shopping is important.

For me , I have a particular satisfaction in sourcing from UK suppliers and artisans.

Cordelia’s House of Treasures

I really hope that we can reverse the decline of our high street. We need more regeneration and independent retailers are a vital part of that.

Let’s go back to community and the high street that most of us were accustomed to when growing up.

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Now is the time to support our independent Retailer

More choice when you buy from an independent Retailer
Vegan skin products which would make a great pre-wedding gift.

The high street has changed in recent years and I must say it is a very sad sight indeed. Bare units one after another which I never thought I would see. New start up businesses unwilling to take the risk with high rentals and business rates which could easily send them into bankruptcy.

I always had an ambition to own a business and for me it was a gift shop. I chose to create a website and use shopify as a platform. We thought about a unique selling point and I came to the decision to support British designed and or manufactured goods.

When we looked for suppliers we discovered a plethora of British designers and companies we could utilise large and small. Artisans in large numbers who were only too willing to support our business and be a part of our business ethos.

Wedding card created by a British designer.

Why should we buy from independent shops?

You support the local economy . You support the high street. Usually the owner of the business is expert in what they sell . Passion and love have been invested in their business. The service can be more personable and better than the larger retailer. ( love our Uk shops March 2019 )

For us as a company it is fantastic to find support and advice from local retailers. To tap into the experience of people who have owned their business and want to help the newcomers in the market.

We are always looking at new ways of improving and expanding our business. Ecommerce retail is not easy .

It is not easy to be discovered on line. Lots of work goes on in the background. It isn’t just a case of buying and sticking your products on line. It is so much more than that.

To expand our business and create brand awareness we looked at providing a subscription gift service.

Our subscription box of gifts at a nominal price

We felt this was a good opportunity to offer the consumer a value for money service . It offers a variety of great products designed by British companies big and small with an element of surprise. So far we have received great feedback and maintained existing customers each month. This indicates to us we are doing something tight.

I get great personal satisfaction in every package I create.

Our subscription box service is a great opportunity to offer a personable service.

We were very pleased to receive 10/10 from a review on all subscription boxes. Our sevice us forever evolving and we are looking at providing a unique complete gifting service.

We aim to take the stress and time out of gift buying. Our boxes contain items which are wrapped in tissue and ribbon , complete with a greetings card. How easy is that?

I do agree that the independent Retailer does put so much more into their business and so much depends on it being successful. If you wish to maintain the look of your highstreet it is so important to buy local. I live in a semi rural town and I dont want to see empty retail space. I want a happy, thriving community.

So please do buy and think local.

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Shop from Independent Retailers

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M A Y B E – I – S H O U L D – K E E P – T H I S – A – S E C R E T – When I ran my online shop, Another Gorgeous Day, I loved getting orders so much. I would look at the name and address before I started to pick and pack the order. Then as I was packing it I would have a little chat with the person receiving it like "I am sure you will love this order", or "I wonder where you are going to hang this in your home".. Please tell me other people do this? It used to feel like I was wishing the customer all the best with their little purchase. OK, I know, spend far too much time on my own. Today is Day 4 of #loveourshopsmonth and YOUR LOVELY ORDER. This is what sparked my little secrets out there moment.🙀🤗 Happy dancing, talking to orders…shows we love what we do, right?😍 . . . #instagramchallenge #shopindependent #shopindie #meandmyshop #loveourshopsuk #ilovemyshop #myshop #shopsmalluk #indieshops #indieretail #shoplovely #shopvibes #shopcrush #lovethisshop #shopsmalllove #campaignshopsmall #indieshop #indieshopping #britishshop #shopuk #shopunique #lovetoshop #isupportindies #shopsmalleveryday #buybritish #smallbusinessuk

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